Occupational Therapy in Durham

Occupational Therapy improves patient’s abilities to perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, cooking, and housekeeping. Occupational Therapists enable people to return to living their life to the fullest despite injury, illness, or disability. Our Occupational Therapy department at Brian Center Southpoint enables clients to return to their home environment through the implementation of a personalized treatment plan.

How is Occupational Therapy Different?

Occupational therapy isn’t just about building strength. It is also about building confidence and independence. Rather than just teaching our patients how to get out of bed, we help them want to get out of bed, with the confidence to take on each day. We provide equipment in our gym that is specifically designed to help our patients get through their day-to-day activities, including sinks, stairs, a dishwasher, and other common utilities and tasks that most people take for granted everyday. 

Why Brian Center Southpoint?

Conveniently located in Durham, NC, we focus on providing an exceptional Occupational therapy experience unlike any other. Occupational therapy can take a lot of work, which is why we have put a focus  on making sure our patients enjoy their time with us. With more therapists on site than any other surrounding facilities, and with 70 private rooms, you will always have the attention you need to make the most of your OT treatments, and always in a comfortable setting. And with an emphasis on nutrition and entertainment, our Occupational therapy patients are sure to leave smiling. 

Customized Treatment Plans

Our customized treatment plans include:

  • An individualized evaluation involving the patient and family to ensure all areas of concern are addressed.
  • Customized intervention to improve outcomes with goals. 
  • Development of Home Exercise Programs when applicable to facilitate improved outcomes.

Upon completion of Occupational Therapy at Brian Center Southpoint patients will have the skills to function in their home environment with adaptations as needed, home exercise programs, and outpatient therapy services when indicated. When our patients leave Brian Center Southpoint, they have the skills, confidence, and motivation and live their best life. 

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